Mpho Popps

10 August 2019 Black in My Day Comedy Tour

Mpho Popps brings off his nationwide tour, Black in My Day, to Rio.
Black In My Day is a nostalgic trip down memory lane of how Mpho grew up and all the experiences that have brought him to the point he is at today. It is a play on what life was like back in the day as a black man and navigating those challenges. It is reflective on life in the hood, and drawing a comparison to flourishing in the suburbs. He muses on the rising black middle class in South Africa and gives them a voice.
As a comedian, actor, businessman and cool dad extraordinaire, Mpho Popps is a man of many talents. Boasting great local and global appeal as a talented comic, he has packed venues and line ups from his debut one man show Exhibit A, his annual Mpho Popps Birthday Comedy Special, Blacks Only as well as a range of club tours and festivals. He has solidified his mark on the industry by generating plenty of laughs and leaving sore abs in towns and cities across the country.
So, if you’re looking for an evening of laughs and some great entertainment, head over to Black In My Day. You’ll have no regrets…

10 August 2019

At Rio Escapades Theatre
For more information call 018 469 9100

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