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Thursdays Win a share of R5000 in FreePlay

Complete your 9 lucky numbers and you could win in Go9!
Prize is R5000 in FreePlay + a jackpot of the Total Buy-in.  

How to Play:

1. Buy your ticket for R30 at the Cash Desk
2. Pick your 9 numbers
3. The Roulette wheel will be spun 20 times
4. If your 9 numbers come up, you're a winner!

Thursdays | 20h00
Sunday | 12h00 and 17h00

Terms and Conditions apply

  • Guests pays R30 for a ticket
  • Guests need to choose 9 numbers between 0 36 and fill them in the space provided
  • The player then submits the completed top copy to the Cash Desk as proof that it is complete, before the commencement of the promotion
  • Buy in breakdown (R30)
  • R20 goes towards the pool money and R10 towards the progressive jackpot
  • There will be a base jackpot of R5000
  • In order to win the progressive (i.e. R5000 + R10 contributions)  Guests need to get all 9 numbers in 18 spins
  • If no one claims the prize in 18 spins the R5000 base value including the R10 contributions roll over to the next promotions day
  • Any wins after the 18th spin will be eligible to win the pool money (i.e. R20 contributions) of the total number of tickets sold

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